F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

When do I schedule a consultation?

We recommend scheduling the consultation at least 30-60 days before the date of your event but the earlier, the better!

How extensive is your library of music?

One of the great things about booking with us is the personal consultation, at which time, a list of songs you would like us to play is made. At this time, we can get to know you and your event so we can better customize your play list.

Can I make song requests?

Yes! We understand last minute songs come to mind and hey, this is your event, right? We always try our best to make sure you and your guest are always happy, from start to finish. However, we do have guidelines on playing appropriate music for each event. For example, if we receive a request for a certain type of music either you or we do not feel should be played, we would politely tell your guest that we do not have the selected request.

Do you take breaks?

No! We have top grade non-stop mixing (club style). The only time we break the music, is to make your announcements at your event.

Do you have my favorite song?

Your personal consultation will take care of any inquires.

Can you make announcements?

Yes! Announcements can be pre-planned before the event or can be requested during the event. We also offer announcements in Spanish, upon request.

How do you dress for your events?

I dress to suit your needs. For weddings and receptions, I wear a black dress shirt with a vest and black dress pants. At your request, I can wear a tuxedo.

What if I want to play longer on the night of the show?

If time is available, I can add more hours.

Do you have clean versions of songs?

We understand there is a time and a place for certain types of music. We do not want to offend anyone by playing music with explicit lyrics. We have purchased many radio-edited music and we are proud to offer this to our clients at no extra cost. During your consultation, we can further discuss your vision of how you want your event to sound.

Does lighting really make a difference?

Sure! Lighting and music blend so well together and can create an elegant environment, or create a fun, exciting, and club-like experience. I can help you create your perfect event during our consultation by using a combination of mood lights or party lights at your venue. Up-lights are units that are used to illuminate your reception room. Typically placed next to a pillar, along walls, next to trees, behind the sweetheart table, etc. Our up-lights can change to almost any color! This is the perfect way to match your color scheme of your event. We have both, black and white, up-light units. Our new wireless white units are our most popular among our clients, because the units blend in with most walls since its white. Also, our white units aren't eye sores, as it blends in with all your decor, drapery, or venue walls. With many options available to you, its just a matter of choosing what you want for your special day.

What is a custom gobo monogram?

In many of our photos, you will see a monogram on the dance floor or on a wall. We create this custom image and illuminate it to be a beautiful centerpiece for your party. Adobe Photoshop is used to create personalized monograms, tailored to each client's desire.

What is the difference between a custom and pattern gobo monogram?

Unlike the custom gobo monogram, which is custom to the clients specific design requests, the pattern gobo monogram is usually used as background pattern lighting. For example, if you're planning a winter themed party, we would illuminate the room with pattern gobo monograms of snowflakes everywhere on the walls and have your custom gobo monogram on the dance floor. Our ultimate lighting package is perfect to create this elegant look. Of course, we have hundreds of patterns for you to choose from, so finding a pattern to fit your event should be easy.

What is the photo slideshow service?

This service is a crowd favorite! During your reception, we display either on a projector or 50" LED TV(s) to showcase photos of your choosing to entertain your guests. We obtain photos from you and create a custom slideshow. Photos we recommend are engagement photos, bridal portraits, selfies, baby photos, dating photos, etc.

Do you have backup DJs and equipment?

Yes, we have multiple back up DJs and MCs who are crossed-trained. Also, in the event of an emergency, we have backup equipment for everything, just in case.

Are we allowed to make payments?

Yes. You can pay online at any time, at any dollar increment. Also, we accept cash or check, if that's more convenient for you

Is there somewhere we can see your setup live?

Yes! We do live showcases in January, June, and September at the Henry B Gonzalez Center. If those dates don't work for your schedule, we're always available to meet by appointment at our office.

Where is your office?

318 Jennings Ave, San Antonio, TX 78225. *By appointment only.

I already have a DJ, can I book other services on their own?

Of course! We have a whole list of A La Carte services for you to choose from at the bottom of our Prices page.

Do you only do weddings?

No, we work with corporate events, Quinceaneras, Cinconeras, birthdays, anniversaries, the list goes on. Whatever your event, we can work with you!

Can a DJ accompany a band?

Yes, one of our professionally trained MCs can accompany a live band or you can supplement live music with our DJ services.

Do you work with videographers for audio of my event?

Yes, ICADJ Events goes the extra mile to provide your videographer with clear audio of music played during your event. Not all DJs/MCs provide this service but we make this resource readily available.

Can we get digital prints after renting a photo booth?

Yes, we send you all photos taken in the booth during your event via email. No copyright fees, these photos are yours!